News Update


Torbay “A” started their Devon Interclub games with a game against the Torbay “B” team.

This was expected to be a close encounter but  it ended up with a convincing win with the “A” team winning on all four rinks.

S Davis,Paul Hobbs, Dave Vinnicombe, Mark Powell won 26-15 against

J Stone, D Coombes, A Hawke, M Chapman.

D Ferris, S Howard, P Hackett, R Honeywell won 19-13 against

I Armitage, A Routledge, E Devonport, J Cherrington.

M Howard, R Gilpin, G Coffield, D Singleton won 26-19 against

R Bushell, T Powell, R Dunn, G Heaven.

E Knight, T Lock,G Foster, A Bowden won 33-12 against

S Jenkins, R Sandercock, N Godwin, C Ball.

Torbay “A” 104 shots.   Torbay “B” 59 shots, the “A” team get maximum 14 points.

OVER 60’s

Torbay v Plymouth


B Lee, A Routledge, G Warren, D Singleton beat M Avent’s rink 21-18

I Armitage, R Gilpin, T lock, R Honeywell lost to S Evan’s rink 16-22


J Stone, D Coombes, E Knight, G Coffield lost to P Downs rink 11-22

A Hawke, E Devonport, J Cherrington, A Bowden beat G Lawrence’s rink 20-14

Torbay 68 shots. Plymouth 76 shots. Torbay 6 points. Plymouth 14.

Foxlands (21st October)

Torbay ladies started their Foxlands campaign with a resounding win against local rivals Torquay Utd gaining 8 of the 10 points available.

Kate Asher, Marilyn Symons, Jenny Moore and Theresa Darnell beat S. Maberly, J. Coombes and Ruth Rogers 24-16 (Torquay lost 25% of their score having played with only three players)

Pat Phillips, Mo Penhaligon, Maggie Boyle and Sue Coffield beat T.Jay, M. Jones, L. Elliott and M. Webber 23-17

Mavis Hodgin, Roz Cherrington, Sue Devonport and Liz Lock lost 18-24 to R.Northcott, R.Trotman, R.McLeod and S.Pook

Mollie Thorp, Mo Thomas, Jane Wray and Anita Huxtable beat J.Hutchings, N. Lang, J. Bratcher and J. Barnes 19-14

Final total score = 84-71

National mixed top club (24th October)

Torbay gave a good account of themselves in a very challenging match against a quality Torquay United side. The opposition included Barbara Bellamy (Current Ladies Over 60’s champion), Louis Ridout (Current Men’s Fours and Triples champion) and Sam Tolchard (Current Men’s 2 wood, Fours and Triples champion). Ryan Whitlock was missing but new recruit, England international Jamie Walker made an appearance.

Men’s 2 woods: Rob Honeywell lost 13-21 to Louis Ridout

Ladies 2 woods: Sue Bywaters beat Julia Barnes 21-14

Mixed pairs: Sarah Vinnicombe and Alan Bowden lost 10-25 to Charlotte Aspinall and Sam Tolchard 

Mixed triples: Theresa Darnell, Phil Hackett and Gareth Foster lost to Barbara and Geoff Bellamy and Jamie Walker 10-14

Mixed fours: Kate Asher, Sue Coffield, Pete Hobbs and Gerry Coffield lost 5-24 to Ruth Rogers, Moira Webber, Dave Evans and Danny Dennison